Any Data to Value

SMT supports organizations in their digital transformation with autonomous advice about the application and strategic use of data. We visualize valuable information from different data sources in real-time, so you have a solid foundation to support your strategic business decisions.

Our technical specialists love to submerge themselves into complex matters. We think out-of-the-box and always in together with your own specialists. This way, we create awareness within your organization of the potential of your data and the valuable application of it.

We do this in a distinctive SMT way: with personal attention for our customers.

SMT Enriched Data Analytics Platform

The SMT Enriched Data Analytics Platform® is a data platform enhanced with our services, best practices, SMT-apps and growth enablers. Both structured and unstructured data from any source can be added to the platform. We translate this raw data into valuable information, our customers are able to make data driven decisions and get a 360o view of their business. That is how we support your digital transformation.


Data Driven Decision Making

Data is the core of your business. It supports answering crucial questions, such as increasing your customer satisfaction and to improve processes. Hence, it is vital to transform your data into information you can actually work with. SMT makes sure that decisions are made based on facts. Watch the video and see how we help your organization in their digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Every organization has a wealth of data to make both business and IT intelligible, measurable and controllable. The insights gained, enable organizations to more accurately define their business strategy, increase efficiency and stay ahead of the competition.
Take a look at our infographic and see how digital transformation can help your organization.

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