Change in Splunk certifications

Splunk has renewed the certification procedure. If you have followed one or more training courses and you possibly also obtained a User, Power User, Admin or Architect certification via an online exam, this information is also important for you.

In the past it was possible to obtain a certificate for Splunk Power User or Administrator via Splunk itself. Splunk now partners with a reputable external certification agency (Pearson VUE) to regulate this. If you choose to take a supplementary certification exam, you will receive a valuable certification from this party after successful completion.

All new certifications go through this system. You can download an explanation with the steps to be followed. An up-to-date overview of all training courses can be found in the calendar.


Below the various certification tracks.

Splunk V6.x or later

Users who have completed a Splunk V6.x or later training and wish to maintain or obtain their certification can be re-certified before October 2019 without following a refreshment course. The new certification for User / Admin is valid for two years and for Architect, Developer, ES or ITSI this is three years. This is from the moment the certificate is obtained. The certification costs are $ 125 per required exam.

Previously obtained certifications are valid up to and including September 2019. Often these certifications are still current, but it is also possible that older training courses have been followed. New or repeated training sessions are required for this group of users.



It is also important to mention that the expiry of the certification has consequences with regard to the entitlements attached to the certification. Same for being able to follow (in-depth) training courses in which previous training courses and certifications are required.

Our experience is that this process must be followed carefully. SMT has been a Splunk Elite Partner for over eight years and is the only certified training partner in the Benelux. We are ready to advise you on the certifications and / or training that apply to you.

Do you have questions about your certificates or which training courses best suit your personal situation? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.


March 2019