Irdeto is ready for the future after a streamlined project with SMT.


Irdeto has already benefited for years from using Splunk. But in order to continue to meet internal and external requirements, a new infrastructure for the support department was needed. After a smooth and well-prepared project with SMT, the company is now ready for the future.


Irdeto is a large multinational of Dutch origin. The headquarters are located in Hoofddorp from where worldwide support is provided day and night.  “We secure the digital platforms of the world”, Technical Evangelist Jan-Jaap Oosterwijk explains. Both software and hardware are used for that. The company once started with video and entertainment: Pay-tv is one of them. This is still an important activity. Gaming and more recently connected transport have been added to that. Irdeto’s software is also being used for other IoT purposes more and more.


Irdeto has been using Splunk for five years now. A year ago, they specifically opted for a cooperation with SMT, because there was a need for a local partner in the Netherlands. “We are not only interested in support when things go wrong. We also want to be able to do training courses and get advice on further possibilities. That is why SMT was selected”, says Oosterwijk.


The use of Splunk at Irdeto actually has three objectives. “We use it to manage the network and security. What happens to the infrastructure? Are there any breaches or security risks? Furthermore, we want to measure whether we are keeping our promises as stated in SLA’s with our customers. We combine all of this in our service operations center.”

New foundation

Early last year, Irdeto decided that a new foundation was needed. “The original infrastructure for the support of Splunk was very basic. It did what it had to do, but more requirements came up and we encountered certain limitations, particularly in terms of capacity, security and scalability. Customers want more insight into information, but at the same time we want to know more about our customers.  The need for Business Insights and Operational Intelligence will continue to grow in the future. We decided to build-up the entire infrastructure from scratch to make sure it will be ready for the future.”


It all started with a workshop in February. “Good preparation was crucial. It was a very important project for us, many new customer projects depended on it. We wanted those to start directly from the new platform.  The timing for the implementation was also very important. It had to be ready before the start of a major event for many of our customers in the entertainment industry. Eventually the implementation took place in June, in a matter of two weeks.”

According to plan

For SMT, with many customers in the telco industry who rather have a project completed today than tomorrow, the urgency was no problem. And eventually not for Irdeto either. “In that respect, it was very nice to work with SMT”, says Oosterwijk. “They had experience in designing the infrastructure and the implementation. Because we had prepared everything very precisely together, it all worked out according to plan. The scope and the delivery requirements were described very clearly. We did it all in an agile way of working, with cycles of a week and a daily update. That worked out very well.”

Irdeto itself was closely involved in the implementation. “It was executed with a joint team. We wanted to learn from it and that’s why our engineers carried out the implementation under the supervision of SMT.” For the same reason, almost 40 engineers from Irdeto did training courses at SMT, an officially accredited training partner of Splunk. “It was very nice that these courses could be organized at our own location on several occasions. Our Service Operation Center is staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so there is not a single moment where the entire staff can be trained successively. The flexibility of the on-site training turned out to be the solution. Because of this we have come a lot further with the platform. ”


Proactively sharing information

The new infrastructure helps Irdeto to further optimize its operations. “We can improve our services because of this. Potential incidents are recognized sooner and we have much more information available to help our customers proactively. There is now even more insight into our data so trends can be identified and we can operate more proactively.
“With this project we tackled several challenges in one go”, continues Oosterwijk. “There is now a solid foundation on which we can continue to build. We needed that. Therefor it was not a difficult choice to start from a new foundation instead of continuing with the set-up we had in the past. Looking back, we are very pleased with that choice.

The cooperation and the new infrastructure made them eager for more. “We obviously have many more wishes for the future. That is also because Splunk continues to develop, with new applications which are often a reflection of the requirements in the market. Everything in the field of automating data and machine learning, through which you can make predictions, is interesting to us.  We want to see incidents coming, but also detect very quickly when something new or unusual happens. We have now taken the first steps in that direction, but more will follow for sure.”


January 2019