mnemonic Security Report 2019

In the world of cyber security, every year seems to surpass the previous year. More attacks, more sophisticated and especially more damage for those involved. Organizations are increasingly dependent on technology, making the impact of an attack greater than ever before. mnemonic continues to evolve to meet today’s demand and be ready for what the world needs in the future.


In their annual Security Report, mnemonic shares insights from their team of security experts, partners and customers in a publication that covers the entire spectrum of modern cyber security. Topics in this year’s report are:

  • Security predictions: 2019 and beyond
  • 2018: A view from mnemonic’s SOC
  • Security Gatekeeping in a DevOps World
  • How EU is Getting Serious About Securing Critical Infrastructure
  • Making an Agile Security Strategy
  • The Semi-Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence (ACT) project
  • Serverless Security


The report also features two guest articles:

  • On Cyber Defence – a study in failure by CISSP Jeffrey Barto
  • Modern Crime: Expectations & Challenges by PhD Researcher Stig Andersen


You can read the entire report via this link. Would you like to know more about mnemonic services click here or contact our experts.


About mnemonic

Mnemonics’s Managed Detect & Response service, Argus, is the expert in the field of security. Through the Argus platform, machine learning and big data analytics are used to qualify events. The number of events to be investigated can be reduced drastically. After this initial filtering, they are manually analyzed by mnemonic’s security analysts.

They enrich the data with additional threat intelligence from Argus. A combination of human and automated processing then leaves a manageable number of incidents to be forwarded to your own SOC staff. This way they are only researching security events that really matter for your organization.


February 2019