Organizations suffer critical and costly IT incidents five times a month.

On average, organizations experience a critical IT incident five times per month according to a new report, based on a study conducted by research firm Quocirca on behalf of big-data company Splunk. Companies are struggling to cope with these incidents. Instead of finding the main cause for the often recurring problems, companies in practice, are mainly concerned with minimizing the damage.

This is based on research by Splunk in collaboration with IT market researcher Quocirca. Dutch organizations are struck by IT incidents a bit more often than other countries. However, when zooming in on the average number of IT incidents per month that pose a real threat to the organization, the Netherlands outnumbers by far any other country. Worldwide, the average organization is reporting 5.1 dangerous incidents, while Dutch organizations have to deal with it 13.4 times a month.


78,796 euro per incident

Dutch companies lose an average of 78,796 euro in every threatening incident. This amount is, among other things, due to the combination of manpower and time needed to solve the problem. On average, 6.7 IT staff members are involved and it will take 5.8 hours to resolve an incident. Nevertheless, 45 percent of Dutch organizations say they can handle the number of incidents quite well, while internationally this is only 34%. Only 14 percent of Dutch companies are really struggling with the scale of IT incidents.


There is a lot of room for improvement, especially in the detection and investigation of incidents, according to Splunk.  Organizations are struggling with effectively monitoring their network and IT facilities. 80 percent of companies have blind spots which make them unable to respond quickly. Only 2.5 percent have full visibility on the entire infrastructure.

More information can be found in the full research report, available upon request via  Splunk’s website.


November 2017