SMT Data Router: your Data Director

Safe back in control of your data


Data growth

With information you can make a difference, but it is certainly not easy to use a reservoir of data effectively. According to research company IDC, the amount of data will grow by 26% every year for the next 5 years. In 2020 alone, 59 zettabytes of data have been generated worldwide. You want to convert all this data into useful information via platforms and analysis tools so that it becomes an added value for your organization. In order to still be able to see the wood for trees, the use of tools and expertise is practically a requirement. This is the only way to get the right data in the right format in the right place at the right time.


Data challenge

The challenges of data lie on the one hand in the ever-growing volumes and the associated costs, and on the other hand in the uncontrolled growth of formats and requirements for data. As a result, solutions for transforming and enriching, reducing and monitoring and storing and archiving data will be implemented in various places within the organization. Is there still insight into all the costs involved? Are additional costs still incurred for integration projects because data flows must be made appropriate? Are the license costs of analysis tools constantly increasing due to growing data volumes?


We have been helping our customers for years to provide more insights into the ever-growing flow of structured and unstructured data. Our customers reach out to us with issues such as:

  • How do we get and keep the continuous flow of data under control?
  • How do we keep the costs for licenses and infrastructure under control and predictable?
  • Is the data we store really valuable?
  • Are we not creating a large platform with sensitive information?


We see at our customers that there are many initiatives in different departments within an organization, where data ends up in different places in the organization; in different sizes; is accessible to (almost) everyone; and may contain sensitive information.


In addition, there are all kinds of sources and destinations of data within and outside the organization. In practice, many one-to-one connections will be set up in between, because each destination has its own requirements for the way in which data is delivered. As long as these kinds of integrations are a hand full, data works just fine. However, when the number grows, it is difficult to keep an overview.


SMT Data Router

This is not your preferred situation and that’s why we developed the SMT Data Router. The SMT Data Router disconnects data sources and destinations. In between, data can be filtered, edited and enriched before it is safely forwarded to one or more destinations. The result: insight into the data flows and associated configurations at one central location, graphically and very user-friendly.


The SMT Data Router offers you the possibility to:

  • route to the correct destination;
  • masking privacy-sensitive information;
  • enrich with additional data;
  • transform to a usable format for multiple systems;
  • reduction by filtering duplicate and / or redundant data;
  • archiving data in a cost-effective way for future use.


In all these situations – and more – you get control on all your data flows, which results in savings time and money.

To provide more information, we share 3 use cases that we encounter quite often with our customers:


Use case 1: Outsourcing

When an organization uses “outsourcing”, for example a Security Operations Center (SOC), the following dilemma often arises: In the event of a change of service provider, an organization does not want to be at the mercy of their initial service provider to fully transfer all the knowledge and configuration of data flows that have been accumulated. For this reason, more and more organizations are taking control of their data by supplying their data to the service provider in the desired format and agreed volume. This creates control over unnecessary dependence and costs.


Use case 2: Cost control

Using data more efficiently almost always has a positive effect on both direct and indirect costs. When less-critical data can easily be split off to a cheaper storage medium or superfluous data can be filtered out early, less (expensive) storage is required. In an indirect situation, supplying only the desired data affects the license costs, as is the case with many SIEMs and other analysis tools, which are based on the amount of GBs of data supplied.


Use case 3: Data quality & Compliance

Data must be tailored to the application: no duplicates and other unnecessary data. The data should be enriched if desired, and perhaps certain attributes should be masked or removed. An example of the latter is privacy-sensitive data such as personal data, where the application may suffice without Citizen Service Numbers (BSNs), bank details and telephone numbers. And if the application lies outside the organization (see also Use case 1), the importance of shielding sensitive data is all the greater.

The SMT Data Router ensures that every organization, from small to large, can easily and clearly take charge of data. That way you no longer get lost between countless solutions that are also expensive and work inefficiently. Remove redundant data in a timely manner, improve data quality, censor personal data, test sources with a lot of volume but limited value and efficiently route usable data to analysis systems.