Save time with the TOPdesk Connector for Splunk


Organization are extensively using big data solutions like Splunk to support their decision making with data and improve their services. Insights coming from these data platforms are very valuable when identifying anomalies and problems.


Splunk offers the possibility to set up the alerts but at most organizations all further handling and follow-up is done in Service Management solutions such as TOPdesk. Prioritizing, selection of the best-fit solutions, and escalation strategies for example can be implemented into TOPdesk to secure a correct handling of these alerts. Up until recently, organizations who are using Splunk for alerts and TOPdesk for Service Management, had to manually create the incidents in TOPdesk. This causes unnecessary delay and is error sensitive. A direct link between the two environments is missing as well. This makes it difficult to find out the current status of an incident in Splunk and the immediate cause and updates in Splunk are not easy accessible in TOPdesk.


Fewer mistakes, less time

Big data specialist SMT and TOPdesk have joint forces to make this process less errors sensitive and less time consuming. How? With a connection between Splunk and TOPdesk. Erwin Klappe, Product Manager at TOPdesk, was involved in creating the integration between Splunk and TOPdesk. “TOPdesk is helping organizations to improve their level of service and create a work environment where their employees can get the most of themselves. We achieve this with user-friendly software which is easy to integrate and stimulates collaboration. A lot of our customers are using Splunk to convert their raw data into insights about their provided service. By connecting the applications any double work is avoided, which saves time and reduces the risk of mistakes.”



Fully Automatic

SMT is a data-driven solution provider and supports organization with their digital transformation. Furthermore, SMT is a long-time Splunk Elite Partner and the only certified partner in the Benelux to offer the official Splunk training courses. To transfer Splunk alerts efficiently and without errors to TOPdesk, SMT developed the TOPdesk Connector for Splunk. Koert Flapper is Splunk Architect at SMT and as Product Manager responsible for the TOPdesk Connector for Splunk. “The connector (Splunk add-on) links Splunk and TOPdesk to allow for the fully automatic creation of tickets as a result of an alert or saved search in Splunk. Copying or manually typing the data is no longer needed. The TOPdesk Connector for Splunk is a robust integration and built as a standard Splunk App which makes it easy to install.”

Unlock data in a smart way

Flapper” “Data is becoming more important for organizations, it is the foundation for operational, tactical and strategical decisions. It is the core of the business. If you are using data in a smart way, crucial questions can be answered, customer satisfaction can be increased and processes van be optimized. This connector simplifies the follow up in TOPdesk of information retrieved from machine data in Splunk. Data-driven decision making is becoming much easier.”



On 25th February 2021, TOPdesk is hosting a webinar together with Koert Flapper from SMT about the TOPdesk Connector for Splunk. The webinar lasts 45 minutes and will be in Dutch. During the webinar there is the possibility to ask your questions live via chat. Subscribe here.