Lex Crielaars presents at TECH Talk in Amsterdam

Last Thursday our CTO Lex Crielaars presented inspirational insights into Big Data. He was invited for TECH Talk; an event for the IT-community, an inspiring gathering with great speakers and perfect for networking.

His talk about “Operational intelligence in a Big Data world” provided the audience an interactive demonstration on how to create order in chaos and extract information from data.

Both Big Data and Machine Learning have been well-known buzzwords for a few years now. But what can a company really do with it? He demonstrated which insights a Big Data Platform like Splunk has to offer. What Machine Learning can add on top of that and how it benefits the daily business of organizations. Divergent traffic jams? Will my plane or train be on time? When will the hard disk go down and is this laptop infected with malware or not? These are questions we help to answer for our customers using our expertise and tools.

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Watch the video of his presentation here!