Splunk Insights for Infrastructure

Organizations with cloud and on-premises environments face many challenges in monitoring and troubleshooting their IT infrastructure. Chief among these are complexity, scale, and demands for a better user experience for digital business applications. Furthermore, confidence is low when it comes to their ability to handle the IT infrastructure.

Do you wish you could spot infrastructure performance trends before they turn into problems that affect you ànd your customers? Are you overwhelmed with keeping too much infrastructure running? Would you like to monitor both metrics and logs with one easy to administer monitoring tool?

Try Splunk Insights for Infrastructure today to see how you can find and fix problems quickly. Splunk Insights for Infrastructure is designed to deliver:

  • Seamless monitoring and troubleshooting: Combine metrics and logs for more comprehensive visibility.
  • Automated investigation: Find and fix problems faster based on analytics.
  • Expandability: Easily add capacity to manage larger environments, or upgrade to Splunk Enterprise.
  • Installs quickly and offers guided metric and log collection deployments: Easy to deploy, run and group infrastructure for quick and easy analysis.


Take a video tour of the features and get started with 200GB of storage for free (that’s about 50 servers)! Download here!