Splunk keeps growing!

Splunk has acquired quite a few companies over the last couple of years, which have proven to be a great addition to their Big Data Platform.

A few months ago, Splunk announced the acquisition of Phantom, a SOAR – Security Orchestration, Automation & Response platform. Phantom’s SOAR platform helps organizations improve the efficiency of their Security Operations Center (SOC) by automating tasks, orchestrating workflows, improving collaboration and enabling incident response at machine speed. And just last week the acquisition of VictorOps was closed, an incident management platform for DevOps environments.

As the merge of Splunk & Phantom is going to the next stage, new information has been released about the integration of the 2 platforms. Phantom remains a stand-alone product and will remain available as such. The acquisition will have no impact on the existing customers of Phantom.
The positioning of Phantom with it’s SOAR-possibilities is closely related to Enterprise Security. It is expected that we will see some functionalities of Phantom in Splunk. Perhaps via integrated features or with a link between the two products.

VictorOps is just fresh from the oven and nothing concrete has been released so far. The motto of VictorOps is “Making on-call suck less”, a clear statement which matches perfectly with Splunk. In short, VictorOps supports the Development Operations team to create a Platform of Engagement.

A place where the right competences are interconnected with the required information, enhanced with the right context and enrichment. The platform accelerates the resolution of incidents and the execution of a root cause analysis

Even though both parties have released very little about the exact details of the acquisition, Rick Fitz (Splunk SVP IT Markets) and Todd Vernon (CEO, VictorOps) have interviewed each other, this gives a sneak preview of what the future will bring.