AppDynamics relates the performance of applications to end-user experiences. The platform shows the impact of the performance on the overall business operations.

AppDynamics discovers and tracks all processes in your application environment. It uses advanced tag- & trace technology across your distributed transactions. This real-time information is efficiently displayed in dashboards, so you can quickly identify and address any bottlenecks.


The status of your entire application chain is shown in dashboards. The displayed information is based on preset thresholds and live traffic. When new services are added to the system, AppDynamics detects it and adds them to the dashboards.

End-user Monitoring

End-user Monitoring provides insight into the user experience through browsers and mobile applications, regardless of location or platform. AppDynamics displays innovative and reliable digital customer experiences.

Business Performance Monitoring

The platform provides real-time insights for your business operations by displaying application performance in terms of business transactions. This will allow for a faster response to opportunities and issues.

Infrastructure visibility

AppDynamics provides insight how your IT infrastructure affects the performance of your applications. For example, you will know about server and database problems before your business is adversely affected. With limited overhead for high scalability and little customer impact.

Read more about AppDynamics in the datasheet or watch the video.

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