AppyThings supports organisations to realise their digital transformation with API Management. From data disclosure through APIs to managing IoT-sensors or adding blocks in a blockchain. API Management is a digital power strip which accommodates organisations to keep control when linking various data sources. Companies have the possibility to give third parties access to their internal data or to link different data sources internally. This makes it possible for online shops to offer products from external suppliers via APIs in their webshop or to share documents and reports between different departments in an organisation.

With the ‘Digital Turbo Motor’, organizations can disclose data from applications like APIs in a flexible way, while the complete application landscape with all data is visible in one centralized location. The ‘Digital Turbo Engine’ integrates an API Management platform with the Splunk platform.

The digital transformation moves rapidly and has a major impact on organisations. New technologies and applications which can influence an organisation or industry arise constantly. To offer customers the best service possible, new innovations are introduced regularly. These kind of changes are not easy to execute. The adoption of new technology in the field of DevOps, IoT, Security, Application Development & Business Analytics is crucial but definitely not simple.

Practical examples

  • Personalisation of user experience across all communication channels;
  • Simplify migration from on-premise to cloud;
  • Use data from applications, APIs and sensors for more insight into the business;
  • Generate new revenue streams by disclosing your assets to third parties as APIs;
  • Prevent system failure and data leak by securing APIs and data streams between applications.

Digital Transformation


AppyThings focuses on creating value with API Management, Blockchain and integration of Internet of Things. Fast technological developments disrupt all industries and sectors. AppyThings helps organisations achieve short and long-term business value through digital transformation. It focuses on providing API strategies and solutions, based on close partnerships with leading platforms like Splunk.


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