Cisco Tetration Analytics


Cisco Tetration Analytics is a Security Big Data Platform which provides Application Workload Protection Security in a Multi-Cloud environment. Tetration delivers real-time insight into the behaviour of applications and zero-trust policies. The platform uses machine learning, behavioural analysis and algorithmic approaches.


Datacenter traffic

Applications become more dynamic by using virtualization, containerization, micro services and workload mobility technology. The communication patterns between the different components are constantly changing. The shift in data center traffic from north-south to east-west entails greater exposure to security risks. Tetration analyzes east-west traffic within its virtualized data center and any cloud environments. The IT security team can act proactively by receiving notifications, detect breaches faster, reduce dwell time and block intruders’ lateral movements.
Therefore, network and security teams need real-time insight into the communication flow to generate and maintain automated policies.


Intelligent algorithms

The Cisco Tetration Analytics platform responds to the needs of these teams with machine learning, behavioural analysis and algorithmic approaches.
Tetration is the only security platform on the market that provides a single, scalable platform that covers five critical capabilities for effective modern data center security:

  • flow visualization,
  • micro-segmentation,
  • breach detection,
  • automated analysis,
  • response.


It provides a ready-to-use solution to accurately map application components, interdependencies and underlying policies. In addition, the platform is able to normalize and automate policies, detect anomalies and keep the segmentation up to date. Even when the behaviour of applications changes.

Through this approach, the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform offers a consistent application segmentation across virtualized and bare-metal workloads, in both public and private clouds and on-premises data centers.

Read more about Cisco Tetration Analytics in the datasheet and video.

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