FireEye is the cyber security company that combines the automation of world-class technology with the power of unparalleled frontline human expertise. They include industry-recognized services and nation-state grade threat intelligence. 


Their expert knowledge of the threat landscape provides insights which enables them to build the best technologies in the industry. Using these technologies on the front lines of cyber attacks on a daily basis, further equips the product teams with a constant source of feedback. Because of the feedback loop, they are able to continuously improve the products at a rate and with sophistication unrivaled in the industry. They create a unique innovation cycle.


Email is the primary method used to initiate an advanced attack. It can be precisely targeted and customized to increase the chances of success. Legacy anti-spam filters and antivirus software are sufficient for catching traditional, mass phishing threats with known malicious attachments, links and content. However, targeted spear-phishing and impersonation attacks are much more sophisticated and are designed to bypass these solutions.

We offer an “Email Security” solution that stops email-borne threats with first-hand knowledge of attacks and attackers before they can cause any harm. It blocks not only malware and suspicious URLs, but also phishing and impersonation techniques. The solution is capable of detecting corporate email threats in traffic accepted as safe by other products. The detection algorithms inspect suspicious email traffic to identify attacks that evade traditional signature- and policy-based defenses.

Key features:

  • Rapidly detects and blocks unknown malicious attacks;
  • Inspects URLs for links to credential-phishing sites and rewrites URLs;
  • Stops difficult to detect malware-less attacks;
  • Detects and alerts on URLs that go live after email delivery;
  • Blocks email as soon as new campaigns are found;
  • Analyzes attachments for threats targeting your organization;
  • Integrates with cloud-based email systems.


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