Harvest Consent Monitor

Are you experiencing limitations of existing website analytics tools? Do you want access to the data behind the analytics of privacy sensitive information? Or do you want to connect data from different sources and comply to the GDPR legislation? The Harvest Consent Monitor from Grain sends all relevant data in real-time to your data platform. Incidents are immediately detected which puts you fully in control to solve the issues quickly. You maintain real-time insight into online tracking of GDPR-incidents to be in control. You are prevented from receiving warnings and fines from the “Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”.


Consumers spend quite some time online, reading headlines and background stories, organising their finances and purchasing furniture, clothing and groceries. Companies are therefore continuously keeping the customer experience top notch and improving where possible. They show ads and links from other organizations and simultaneously upload scripts they do not manage themselves. A great deal of control over the collected information and the overview gets lost and that causes a privacy and security issue. Being able to manage the data streams is essential to avoid GDPR incidents.

Privacy sensitive information

The most well-known scripts for collecting privacy sensitive information are cookies, other storage mechanisms are “Session Storage” and “Local Storage”. All three are ways of collecting and storing data from browsers are managed by Harvest. Where other solutions execute a single scan, Harvest is monitoring user data continuously. This results in detecting much more and a lot more accurate at the same time. Besides saving the information, also potential network requests from the user to a third party are monitort.


Harvest is an advanced analytics tracker based on Splunk and Neo4j. Splunk supports processing, analysing and visualizing large amount of data. Neo4j creates user profiles and classifies content such as video’s, blogs and news articles. The combination makes it possible to analyse content and use recommendation engines. Harvest is used to implement this in your own cloud environment; you maintain full control over privacy sensitive information and continue to be the owner with access to the data and infrastructure.

The benefits

  • React swiftly to GDPR incidents
  • Insights in online trackers and data storage
  • Remain in control over privacy sensitive information
  • Continuous monitoring
  • For all browsers and devices
  • Defines clear actions 
  • Easy to implement


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