SMT Data Router

The SMT Data Router is built for handling logs, metrics, and observability data. It helps you to implement an observability pipeline, which allows you to route machine data from any source to any destination while transforming your data in motion to enrich it with additional context, secure its contents, and control costs.


SMT Data Router delivers powerful new capabilities to eliminate redundant data and unlock the value of all your observability data. It takes value creation to the next level. You will gain full control over your data before locking it away in a logging solution. It enables you to redact sensitive data, sample high volume but low value sources, and route data to multiple systems for further analysis. SMT Data Router is perfect for organisations that seek to maximize the value of their logging, metrics and traces, leverages data for new use cases.

Optimize costs

  • Gain new control over data in motion
  • Better license utilization – route better, sample, suppress
  • Improved operational efficiency



  • Send data to multiple destinations
  • Push data to the most cost effective destination



  • Sub-field encryption
  • Hash data to preserve uniqueness

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