Splunk Enterprise indexes machine data from any application, server or network, regardless the source, type, location or format. All necessary data to make business decisions in one clear dashboard. SMT is proud to be Splunk Elite Partner.

Real time insights

Splunk makes it possible to store unstructured data and make it easily searchable and transparent. The platform collects all types of data, from servers, applications and databases. The data can be used for (historical) analyses, real-time insights and forecasts. This is made comprehensible through uncomplicated visualizations and reports. Setting up alerts and solution-oriented actions are an additional asset. The analytical capabilities of Splunk expose pain or opportunities and provide tools for solving problems.

Meet the information requirements for:

Development Operations


Business processes

Customized information

  • DevOps: Combines the world of development with operations in order to keep a clear communication between software developers and end-users.
  • Security: Splunk can be used as a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution for the security of your IT environment.
  • Business: Gain data insights on customer experience, product and marketing analyses and business processes.
  • Internet of Things: Take advantage of the connection between networks and exchanging data.

Splunk makes data:

  •     User-friendly
  •     Functional
  •     Available
  •     Reliable
  •     Valuable
  •     Safe
  •     Flexible


Splunk also has premium apps such as Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence. These can be build on top of Splunk. For more information about these applications, see Enterprise Security and IT Service Intelligence.

“We Make Machine Data Accessible,
Usable and Valuable to Everyone”



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