TOPdesk connector for Splunk

The TOPdesk connector for Splunk integrates two of your important management software. Within IT operations and Security teams Splunk is used to generate incident alerts. TOPdesk is leader for Enterprise Service Management software in the Netherlands and used to follow up on incidents. The TOPdesk connector for Splunk allows for the fully automatic creation of tickets as a result of an alert or saved search in Splunk. The connector forwards incidents automatically to save valuable time. This reduces the need for manually copying data between two applications, in order to eliminate errors.


With TOPdesk you can easily manage incoming alerts and workflows, and gain insight into configurations and assets. Splunk is the Data Analytics Platform and is able to detect incidents of IT Operations, Information Security and Business Analytics via analysis of log data. These incidents need to be submitted in the available Service Management tool for follow-up and secure the solution. TOPdesk and Splunk are complementary to each other where Splunk is the source of actionable incidents.


The TOPdesk connector for Splunk is packaged as a bundle of Splunk apps and can be installed via the Splunk User Interface.

Key benefits:

  • Actionable tickets in TOPdesk, based on data, analysis, correlation and intelligence from Splunk.
  • Automatic ticket generation by Splunk in TOPdesk. No more manual ticket creation!
  • Splunk populates TOPdesk ticket data, no more copying and pasting!
  • Assign tickets based on information from Splunk.
  • Manage your operations from one place.

More information about this connector is available on TOPdesk’s marketplace and Splunkbase, or download the product sheet.

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