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SMT only works with the best solutions the market has to offer. Technologies and management software with a proven track record for their performance, reliability, availability, growth potential and support. Solutions that answer questions every organization has.


Splunk turns machine data into answers. It automates the collection, indexing and alerting of machine data that is critical to your operations. Splunk gives you the answers you need to solve your toughest IT, security and business challenges.

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Private: Weaviate

Weaviate is a smart search engine with Machine Learning capabilities.

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SMT Data Router

The SMT Data Router is a real-time log processor and enables organisations to optimize data before routing it to its final destination.

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TOPdesk connector for Splunk

Connect your Splunk environment to TOPdesk for important alerts from Splunk to be forwarded and followed up in TOPdesk.

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Harvest Consent Monitor

Gain insights into misbehaviour of your storage of privacy sensitive information. Avoid complaints of visitors or warnings from the authorities.

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FireEye Email Security is a secure email gateway that protects against all advanced threats including phishing, impersonation and spam. FireEye Email Security rapidly adapts to the ever changing threat landscape.

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Companies that already use our products

Gemeente Rotterdam
Gemeente Den Haag
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Lex Crielaars

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SMT makes big data intelligible for your organisation. We provide autonomous advice about the possibilities, application and strategic use of this data. SMT offers data value solutions. Our technical specialists love to submerge themselves into complex matters. SMT proactively supports the transformation and translation of data into information that is valuable to our clients. Always in an innovative and sophisticated manner with up-to-date knowledge.

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