With Business Analytics towards Business Innovation

We live in a rapidly changing world where new technology, potential new markets and emerging competitors force companies to pursue Business Innovation. In Business Analytics we bundle the power of data science, big data, statistics, machine learning and math to optimize results and achieve strategic objectives of an organization.

Business-critical processes are key. By analyzing these processes, decisions can be made based on facts and figures instead of gut feeling. This way, improvements can be made that contribute to the achievement of the objectives and the realization of the mission and vision.

Within Business Analytics, we support our customers in mapping steps for optimizing business operations. These steps are a continuous and interactive process that creates room for innovation and increased efficiency.

In short, the process can be defined as Discover, Analyze, Optimize. We determine which process is suitable, analyze this process and make recommendations to improve efficiency.

Business Analytics is part of our 360 view.

IT Operations

SMT supports organizations to optimize their IT services and all the associated processes and to have maximum control over this.

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Information Security

SMT’s Data-Driven Security Assurance offers organizations of all sizes a complete security platform with solutions ranging from cyber resilience to compliance, audits and fraud detection.

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